Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Laura in the Land of Lincoln

I was extremely blessed and encouraged by my friend Laura's visit in early August. She and I met in Jr. High, and we became BFF from then on. She got me involved in the church that became so key in my walk with Christ and was able to spend a lot of time with my family, coming to love my mom nearly as much as I did. We have so many incredible memories, from so many years... I am SO thankful for my forever friend.

Anyways, she flew out here to check out my new surroundings, and was able to spend a few days. I missed her girls, but it was nice to have her all to myself. We spent a lot of fun family time, and even got some 'girlfriend' time in (We went to a late show of Mamma Mia, and had a full day of shopping and a leisurely lunch at O.G.). It was extra special because she was actually here on her birthday (just 10 days after mine, which was always fun).

Anyway, here a few pictures. If I were really organized, I wish I could dig up an old one of us, for your entertainment. But they are in a box in the basement, along with countless other things.

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