Thursday, January 17, 2008

The simple things...

I wanted to record some of my current favorite moments, because I know how quickly that changes, and I don't want to forget how much I'm enjoying these special times right now!

1. Praying for our meals. Caleb and Aidan are all about holding hands while we pray now, and its so very cute. Usually there ends up with some pulling and squeezing between the two of them, but its worth it. Caleb also usually volunteers Aidan to pray, which Aidan is attempting, but its very slurred... But Caleb really has become quite the good little pray-er, which is so fun.

2. When I say "Bonk" to Ethan, and he bonks his helmeted head into my forehead and just giggles.

3. Kellan will excitedly grab my head/hair with both his little hands and pull me in close to kiss (or really slime) me. It sometimes hurts, but what's a little pain compared to his passionate display of affection.

4. Playing games with Caleb. Several nights, after the others are in bed, we've been playing some games with Caleb. He's caught on quite well, and especially loves 'Candyland', although he did stomp us in 'Go Fish' the other night.

5. Caleb bringing things home from school or Awana. I love looking through his bag with him, and having him proudly tell me about things he made or did. Yesterday he had his first field trip, to the library, and brought home a free book (RIF) and a picture of his class there. He pointed out all his little classmates in the picture.

6. The way Aidan still loves to snuggle with you after he wakes up from a nap. Precious.

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