Friday, January 25, 2008

Ready for Spring...

Okay, I keep getting asked, "how are you handling your first IL winter?", and, honestly, it hasn't been too bad. Snow here and there, then it would melt. And basically, you were just cold from the building to the vehicle.

But, after this week I am much anticipating spring... It's been around 0 degrees, with a morning low of 11 below! That's crazy cold. Its so cold you don't even warm up in your car, and it takes about 10 minutes to defrost yourself once you are even in a building. Yikes. Luckily, people have been saying this is the worst it gets, and that its even a bit worse than normal. Glad I'm not the only wimp.

Weston and I had a mini-date night on Monday, and it was snowing so hard and was so cold that we just had to laugh as we walked from the car to the restaraunt. Never had a date in a snow storm before!

Caleb is much anticipating spring too. He asks me several times a week, "is it spring yet?" Partially because I happened to mention maybe he'll get to play on a baseball team this spring, and partly because he's so ready to be able to play outside again. Plus, his school was even cancelled yesterday due to the extreme cold. He cried because he really wanted to go. Guess he hasn't caught the concept of the joy that is supposed to accompany 'snow days'. The joy for the kids anyways... :)

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