Thursday, January 10, 2008

Caleb singing in Big Church

Okay, I know I am way behind. The holiday season was wonderful, but even more of a whirlwind than usual. I'm hoping to catch up a little at a time.

Caleb sang in big church in December at the Kid's musical with the other preschoolers. Had to share. They sang, "Go Tell it on the Mountain", and "Happy Birthday Jesus". Wow, have I looked forward to that for just about forever. I cry just watching little kids I don't even know perform... He was a little wiggly, but not too bad. He actually sang most of the words, and did some motions. Our favorite part was when they finished singing Happy Birthday Jesus, and he blew out some pretend candles. Just an automatic response to finishing the birthday song.

And we taped him later at home; and its so cute that you can hear Aidan singing along some too. That was the first time we ever heard him do that. And then, as you'll see, Caleb had to go potty...

You can watch it here:

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