Friday, January 25, 2008

oh yeah, helmet

Just realized after that last post that I never really posted about Ethan getting his helmet on Dec. 27th. (Yeah, 4 days before our insurance deductable reset, but that's a whole different story) He's wears it like a trooper. Never complains at all. Doesn't seem to bother him one bit. He wears it full time, even for sleeping, and is just allowed an hour break a day. I try to do a half hour in the AM and a half hour in the PM. The worst part is that it gets pretty sweaty and carries an unpleasant odor despite the frequent cleanings. But its not too bad. We think he looks pretty adorable in it, and its kind of fun to watch other's reactions.

I really want to take a series of Extreme Sports Pictures with him in it, you know, rock climbing, skateboarding, etc. Wouldn't that be cute? :)

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carly said...

yeah, i was wondering what ended up happening with it. he looks SO cute in it.:) how long does he have to wear it for? (months?)