Friday, November 2, 2007

Norman Rockwell Halloween

What an absolutely fun night to be a parent of small children! We had a blast dressing them up (thematically, from Toy Story), and parading them around as they walked around in awe of being in costume, seeing everyone else in costume (Caleb was particularly enamored by a homemade Jengofet (sp?) costume he saw at church), and loving that everyone was just handing them candy for being cute...

We first went to the "trunk or treat" at Bethel, which was well attended and tons of fun. And then we even had time to stroll down our cute little street, with the kids kicking piles of beautiful fall leaves as they went from house to house, meeting super-friendly neighbors. It was a blast.

Enjoy a few pictures... Caleb as "Woody", Aidan as "Buzz" and the twins as LGM's (Little Green Men)

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carly said...

oh, i love their costumes! and i love all the fall leaves! that is how it is here too, and it makes the fall season seem so much more fun.:) miss you guys!