Saturday, November 10, 2007

deep question

Yesterday Caleb was playing in the living room as Daddy was on the computer. All of a sudden, Caleb bounces over to Weston and asks, "Daddy, are toys real or pretend?" Deep question for a 3 year old!

Today he was singing "Our God is an Awesome God" in the minivan. So adorable, but we were amazed as neither of us has ever taught him that song. He said he learned it at church. So cute!

Here was Aidan last night as he went to bed. "Good night Robots", "Goodnight Light Saber", "I'll miss you". :)

and not to leave the twins out... Weston walked into the living room at one point today and noticed Kellan playing with/chewing on a light saber, and Ethan doing the same with a transformer. He commented, "that's my boys!"

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