Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Caleb is in an "I adore baseball" stage... This has been brought on by seeing a couple of Andrew Acker's games, and then going to a Quakes Game last Monday night. Todd even gave him a foul ball that he caught, and Caleb has hardly let it out of his sight since. He has even developed a very cute pitching wind-up that includes lifting his foot off the ground all funny like. And he has quite the arm, honestly. I really think there is a lot of natural athletic ability in this kid.

Another funny thing... Last week one day, after putting him down for a nap, I was sitting here on the computer and I heard, "Amy? Amy?" Sure enough, he was calling out to me by my first name! He wanted his blankie, which I gave him, along with instructions to only call me "mommy". It was pretty funny though, and I haven't heard it since...

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