Monday, May 1, 2006

what we've been up to lately...

So busy...
Last Thursday, we got to spend the day at the LA Zoo with Daddy. Caleb enjoyed seeing the animals, and kept saying " 'nother one" after each exhibit. Aidan slept the whole time!
Friday, I met a friend, Sarah Foster, for lunch. It was fun having her see my boys for the first time! Friday night, (and Wednesday night), we watched the Laker playoff game at the Linton's. Caleb loved the attention he got from everyone, esp. Jeff. He loved to shout "Kobe" at the screen, also.
Saturday the guys from our small group helped Weston tear apart the old pool and put up a new one. Hailey came and played with Caleb also. In the evening, we attended the Lemon Festival in downtown Upland.
After church Sunday, we got the privilege of visiting with Alice and Steve Tullis, who were down from TX, over lunch.
Monday, we spent the morning at Victoria Gardens for a mom's club function, although we mainly just spent time with Brandy and Hailey, which was great! It led to another fun lunch at Round Table, and a later outing at the park. Weston is gone at staff retreat tonight, so it was good to keep busy!
My favorite moment today came during dinner. I accidently dropped the spoon and spilled some sauce on me and I guess I made a wierd "Pff" sound in annoyance. It cracked Caleb up. He laughed SO hard, and of course then I kept doing it. We laughed and laughed for a long time, just absolutely enjoying each other and the moment. There is nothing that beats sharing times like that with your child...

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