Wednesday, May 17, 2006

a few more things

Last Monday we went to Disneyland! Caleb was very excited about going! Funny how we can impress that excitement on such a young mind, even before he could possibly have any idea what he was getting excited about. He did great there, and we got passes so we look forward to going many more times! Hooray!

Daddy has heard Caleb sing pretty much the whole ABC song through, but he hasn't done it for me yet...

He has been very well-behaved lately... He kinda goes thru cycles, but lately, we're enjoying an obedient attitude! So proud!

He's starting to realize that when we laugh at him, he's being funny. So he starts to try to repeat things that have made us laugh in the past. One funny thing is that in his fave book, "Is Your Mama a LLama?, in which he usually completes the rhymes... (Example, Oh, I said, you are right about that, I think your mama sounds more like a... bat.) But now, he thinks its hilarious (and it kinda is) to complete each one with the word "cowboy". Crazy kid.

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