Saturday, May 16, 2009

Our trip!

I apologize for not posting sooner. Near the end of our trip I started to feel pretty 'yucky'. My throat continued to hurt throughout our drive home, and once we arrived back, I was pretty out of it for a few days while we tried to process re-entry into life. The kids were wild, and I was good for nothing... Thankfully I have a wonderful husband who always steps up. Anyways, the doctor thinks it was strep throat again, and thankfully I am feeling quite a bit better already.

I have SO many pictures to choose from... Let's start with one from a hotel. Picture this... traveling 11 or more hours by car (there are not enough playplaces in the US), and then stumbling into a hotel, trying to keep the kids from hurting themselves or disturbing the neighbors (we did end up with one bloody nose and one complaint), and then trying to get everyone to sleep in the same room, in an assortment of sleeping arrangements. Quite the challenge, but fun nonetheless.

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