Tuesday, May 19, 2009

the beach

Even though it is definitely not Weston's favorite place to be (he was so glad to move out where youth ministry does not require the mandatory beach trips!), we had to take the boys to the beach! They were SO excited, and a little wary at first (Aidan did NOT want to walk in the sand!), and we ended up having a very nice morning! It was especially fun since one of our CA students (who is now in college), got to join us and visit with the boys. Katie is very special to us and has always been tremendous with the kids!

With Daddy
This is my favorite series of pictures from the day...
Caleb and Aidan, figuring out just how these waves wash up on the shore

Uh, oh, it's coming!


Are we having fun or what?

Such pure joy!

Aidan, and our tradition of taking a picture with name and year in the sand. I'd include all four, but I have way too many pictures already!

Caleb could've played in the sand ALL day. He LOVED it!

All by himself, just out there digging and building and building and digging.

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Susanna said...

Fun! We are hoping to hit the beach quite a bit this summer. :)