Saturday, May 16, 2009

Alysa's Wedding

The wedding went wonderful, and Caleb was super cute as the ring bearer. (except for chewing gum during the ceremony, which was mostly mommy's fault) He's got the gig down pretty well now too, so we're thinking about renting out his services if you know anyone who is interested. :) Alysa looked incredibly beautiful (as always) and it was fun getting acquainted a bit with Kevin. I cried, a lot, mainly whenever the pastor marrying them mentioned how much these two love the Lord, and how well they've modeled their relationship for others to see. I am so so so excited for them!
It was good to visit other family members and friends I've missed as well. We sure went home exhausted after a long afternoon/evening. Caleb and Kellan ended up being quite the dancers. It was fun having all the kids be able to attend, but even with Grandma there, it was still a lot!

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