Friday, April 3, 2009

the Twin Bond

One evening this week, Weston took Ethan and Aidan to the grocery store for some needed groceries. Kellan and Caleb stayed home with me. We hadn't thought about it, but the twins are really hardly ever apart. Seriously, one overnight at about 16 months, and 2-3 quick errands when we've taken only one, and that's it. Their whole lives are spent inseparably together. I can't even imagine what that must be like.

Anyway, when Ethan got home it was SO cute to see him run into the house, and say, "Kelly, Kelly?" (that's what he calls Kellan, so cute). Kellan ran towards him, they half hugged a greeting and leaned their heads together and talked in their twinspeak. I really think they were sharing about what they did while they were apart. And then Kellan helped Ethan off with his jacket. It was incredibly sweet. I love having twins!


Sherrie said...

That is too cute!!

Laura said...

Their inseparability sounds like how we were in Jr. High and High School. I can relate! It's hard to be apart. I can't wait to see those little guys!!!!