Wednesday, April 1, 2009


has had an amazing attitude for the past week or two. We always seriously joke that his behavior goes through these major up and down cycles, of horrible attitudes and then wonderful ones. But this one has been the best yet! Seriously, he's had this incredibly sunny disposition and has been so quick to change from a bad response to a good one the minute we call him on it. It almost feels surreal. Just imagine scenario after scenario like this;

After spotting the fun ride on toys in the mall, Aidan: "Mommy, can we go play over there?"
Mommy: "No Aidan, we are not going to play there today."
Aidan with a smile: "Yes, mam".

Don't believe me, do you? Honestly, time after time, after saying no to his whims and desires, and he has just responded with an, "OK mommy", or "yes mam", or even sometimes a "yes sir" (to me, mind you). Even upon being told to clean up, or stop doing something, he has almost consistently responded correctly.

We've made sure to praise him often, and talk this 'new Aidan' up to others in front of him, but even though there is part of me that has a secret hope that this is it, obedience has just clicked with him, I know that parenting is never that easy. Even today, we started to see little bits of that ugly sin nature starting to show through again. Oh well, back to the trenches. It has sure been fun to enjoy a little break from the intensive correcting though, and to really just get to relish even more in the wonderful little guy that God placed in our family.

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Susanna said...

This is encouraging, as I definitely feel like "I'm in the trenches" when it comes to behavior lately. Even if the sunny dispositions don't last forever, they are refreshing! Enjoy!