Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Potty Talk

Hopefully this isn't too inappropriate(at least I am not including a picture), but I just had to record this brotherly bonding talk that Weston overheard as Caleb and Aidan were peeing into the toilet. (Yes, part of the bedtime routine is that they like to do this simultaneously. Is that normal? Other parents of boys reassure me here.)

Caleb: Gotta get the bad guys. (referring to the bubbles they are trying to aim at and 'destroy')
Aidan: Yeah, lets get em!

After a few moments of enthusiastically trying to get the 'bad guys', and after, ahem, running out of ammo, plus not being willing to admit defeat, Caleb confidently told Aidan:
Don't worry, the tornado will get em! and then promptly proceeded to flush the toilet.
Aidan: Yeah, yeah, the tomato will get em!

Of course they celebrated with jubilant rejoicing as the 'bad guys' went down the drain.

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