Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More than meets the eye...

We had Caleb's "Transformers" birthday party last Friday evening. He chose the theme, and was very excited about it, and esp. about Daddy making him an Optimus Prime costume. We had a full house and tons of kids. They did a fun relay race, freeze tag game, and a scavenger hunt all Transformer-Themed and created by Daddy. His favorite present, he says, is his "Star Wars Jengo Fet Transformer" that Grandma Joy sent him. Now is that the perfect gift for that kid or what? (Yesterday I found a JengoFet Star Wars library book to check out and he was SO excited he could hardly contain himself)

He also got a Bug Vacuum and Bug Habitat that he LOVES. The habitat is currently home to a big ugly Stag Beetle, and several dead fireflies.

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