Monday, July 14, 2008

Camping at Cornerstone

I'm way behind on posting... I'm sorry. Here are a few quick pics from Cornerstone, a huge Christian Music Festival that our high school group goes to. It was quite an experience for us first timers, but we did have a blast. Caleb and Aidan both came out for one day/night, and got to enjoy the neat children's programs they offered. They also got to attend their first rock concert. They were pretty cute dancing around. And of course, they loved camping out in the trailer. Caleb got to stay 2 other nights as well. He loved being out there with the students, and his friend Parker. He fell asleep before the fireworks and David Crowder though, which was disappointing for us because we wanted him to be able to enjoy that.
Oh yeah, I also should mention that the morning before we went out there, he fell (while jumping on the bed) and slammed his mouth in the hardwood floor. It bled and bled, and looked awful for a day or two. I was afraid he might lose his teeth, but I think it looks okay now. Scary. But that explains why he looks so funny. And he has earphones in because it was LOUD!

They even made it onto the Cornerstone webstite album of pictures, taken by their photographer. Here is the link:

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