Monday, July 21, 2008

Mischief Makers

The twins spur each other on... sometimes in good ways, but most often towards trouble. One of their favorite things to do in the new house is to climb up on this radiator. They've yet to take a fall (although they usually get stuck and end up crying for help to get down), but I'm sure it will have to happen soon to really cement the lesson in their heads...

Cute picture though, eh?

BTW... Kellan decided that walking just might be for him today. He was more interested than ever before, and would take 5 steps or so back and forth between Grandma Joy and I, with a very proud little grin on his face. Hooray! We'll see how he does tomorrow.

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The Burger Blog said...

Your boys are adorable, do I see some mischief in their eyes? My two seem to egg each other on one minute and the next minute are totally oblivious to the fact that the other one exists.