Wednesday, June 4, 2008

twice the giggles

The twins' bond has seemed extra close lately. They are SO stinkin' cute together! They love seeing each other in the morning, and cuddling, and playing... Last night in the car, they were holding hands and playing, just giggling up a storm. I love watching them together! Twins are incredible!


Laura said...

Too cute!! Are they starting to walk yet? They are just growing up too quickly. :-)

SUSANNA said...

Amy, I love your blog. It is fun, sweet, honest, and full of super cute BOYS!

I don't have any great tips for managing ring bearers, except that I really should of just relaxed. Pictures were before the wedding, outside in a garden - it was stressful trying to keep two active boys (who are full of mischief) clean and I didn't feel like a fun mommy...but then when they walked down the aisle, smiling, obviously doing their best and trying to please, the tears started pouring out. It was precious. Enjoy it.

I am praying for you tonight, girl! You have a lot on your plate.

Emily said...

Hi Amy! It was nice to hear from you!! You're boys are so cute :) Looks like you got your hands full! I miss you too!