Monday, June 16, 2008

ER trip #2 for the Oxleys

So, we are supposed to be leaving for PA (by car) at 6 PM this evening. I say supposed to because I'm not sure we'll be packed/ready in time!

I was downstairs in the basement (doing one of the numerous loads of laundry I needed to do today before I could even begin to think about packing), and I hear this loud thump, followed by pretty intense crying. (hurt crying mind you, not "my brother's bugging me type crying). I run upstairs (feeling so guilty for leaving all 4 corralled safely (or so I thought) in the living room/dining room area) and find that Ethan has climbed up and fallen off the back of the big couch, which we've been using as a safety gate in this wide doorway area until the gate we ordered comes in. He's fallen on his head, and has a pretty narely bruise, slighty bleeding indentation on his upper forehead, and red along the side of his face and shoulder. He calmed down pretty quickly, but I called daddy to come home and check him out since I was pretty panicky. We called the doctor, they were borderline, but said go ahead and bring him in since we are leaving on a trip and want some peace of mind... So Weston, who needed to be working today, spent 3+ hours in the ER with him. Poor little guy had to get a CT scan. But everything looked fine. We just have to continue to watch him just in case. If only he'd still had that helmet on.

I guess I really need to just realize its too hard to try to accomplish anything while all 4 are awake! Yikes!


SUSANNA said...

Glad Ethan is OK and hope you are off to Pennsylvania alright!

Ann said...

Hi Amy! This is Ann Trejo (Chappell)- I finally got a chance to look at your blog. I love it! I don't see an email on here, so I thought I'd leave you a comment. You can email me at
Looking forward to hearing from you.