Thursday, June 12, 2008

Goodbye helmet!

Last Monday Ethan officially "graduated" from wearing his helmet (seriously, they gave him a certificate and everything). We are so glad it is done, especially in time for the hot weather. His head doesn't look perfect (but whose does?), but it does look so much better. I love seeing his whole adorable head now, and being able to rub his hair! Thank you all who supported us through the process! (anyone have an idea what I should do with it? I guess its going in the trash...)

By the way... the twins aren't walking yet... (I wonder if one of them can, but maybe they have made a secret pact to wait and do it together...) 14.5 months, and just not that interested. Some days they have made such progress (like practically running all over the house manuevering the toy 'walker'), and I think, ah, here it comes, but no. They are pretty content to just crawl. Oh well. Their knees and feet will just get dirty everyday for a bit longer. No big deal.

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