Tuesday, February 26, 2008

And the kid of the day award goes to...


On Sunday, he was in a super good, super polite mood all day.An example; in the van we had this conversation...

"Mommy, some kids at church can say the word 'kill' and their mommies and daddies think its okay.".

(we just recently decided to crack down on this word in his play... he can say "I'm going to get you" instead.)

(First time he's pulled that argument, by the way...)

Me: "Well, that might be okay for them but not for you. Your mommy and daddy do not want you to use that word".

Here I expected some form of protest, but no, Caleb,as sweet as can be:
"Oh, its okay mommy, I don't use that word anymore" "And I will never use that word again".

Then, when we got home that night after a trip to the DQ with some students and staff, and he tells Weston, totally unprompted. "Thank you for taking us to get ice cream daddy, that was a special treat."

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