Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Funny Caleb

He often cracks us up with the funny things he says, but I usually forget the details later. Here is something he just said...

He and Aidan were playing with these bouncy balls on an elastic string thing, and the one he was playing with broke. I was feeding the twins, and he exclaims, "oh no, its broke, can you fix it mom?" I replied that I probably couldn't, and he said, "oh, well, whose is this one?" (the one that he was playing with that broke) and I responded that I didn't know, in a kind of frustrated tone (they are different colors, but I couldn't remember who originally got which color). Caleb then says rather frustrated himself, "just pick then mom", followed by, "I know, Aidan's can be this one (the one that broke)". He was being totally serious, and spoke with such deliberate logic, and I just cracked up.

Last week at the mall, the boys were playing with some cars, and Caleb comes over to me, "Mom, do Oxleys share?" I laughed but said, "yes, Oxleys share". Next he asked, "Is Aidan an Oxley?", to which I replied "yes". "Well, that Oxley is not sharing!" exclaimed Caleb.

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James Linton said...

that second story is very funny. miss you guys.