Thursday, February 28, 2008

Caleb stories

I guess he's gotten to the age where we are going to have more and more of these entertaining sayings to remember. He has just cracked us up so many times lately!

Wednesday night I was in the nursery with all 4 boys, and one volunteer. A lady from the church popped in, just to enjoy watching the babies for a bit. When she saw Caleb and Aidan bouncing around in the soft block train structure, she exclaimed, good-naturedly, "Oh, Mercy!". Here's the exchange that followed.

Caleb: "My name's not Mercy, its Caleb", "and his name is Aidan, and his is Kellan, and that's Ethan". He pauses for a moment and looks at the volunteer, "Are you Mercy?" After she, giggling, responds "no", he looks back at the lady with his hands in the air, "I guess there are no Mercies around here."

She laughs, introduces herself as "Phyliss",and proceeds to help him by prodding, "can you say "Phil- less"?"

Caleb: "yes, Phil-less", "and my name is Caleb, can you say Ca -leb?" with the same intonation she used.

I'm probably not retelling it nearly right, but we were all cracking up big time.

He also had this exchange with Daddy the other day.
He had just buckled himself in his carseat...
Weston:"Caleb, I am so proud of you!"
Caleb: "and Daddy, I am so proud of you!"
Weston: "Why are you proud of me?"
Caleb: "Because you said you were proud of me!"


carly said...

okay, i can't get enough of these caleb stories! keep em coming! :)

Jeff Carver said...

that is a good story... made me laugh