Monday, November 27, 2006

Aidan loves Malachi

Aidan is infatuated with our cat, our evil cat, Malachi. So far, Malachi seems a little intrigued with the attention, and has behaved himself or, most often, just run away. Yesterday though, I caught the cutest scene. Aidan was playing down the hall, and I noticed it had gotten awfully quiet. I peeked down there to see the hallway closet door open (where the kitty litter/food is), and I could tell Aidan was sitting behind it. I also saw Malachi right there, and him actually tolerating little hand reaching out and petting (okay, kinda harshly petting) him. As I poked my head around the door, there was Aidan, with the dry cat food dish in his lap, cat food all over. He'd figured out how to get the kitty to accept him; with food! It was quiet a cute scene, even though I think Aidan had probably chomped a few pieces also...

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