Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Halloween 2006

Caleb LOVED Halloween this year! It made the night SO fun! When I brought the costume downstairs around 4:00pm, he was SO excited he HAD to put it on right then. (and a week ago I was afraid he'd be scared to wear it).
Once he had it on, he wanted to watch "Peter Pan". And as soon as Daddy got home, he was ready to go "trick or treating". I'd been explaining the concept to him for the past few days, but wasn't sure if he got it. Oh yeah, he understood. :) We went to a few houses (him practically running with glee between houses) and then to the church carnival. He LOVED playing the games there, and putting candy in his pumpkin, etch. He loved bouncing in the bounce house also. His enthusiasm was so precious. He and Aidan looked SO cute. Of course they were oohed and ahhed over by many adoring fans (esp. grandma) :) . It was a very fun night. One of those times when I was in tears with so much joy thinking about how these are the moments I have always looked forward to, and God has blessed me so incredibly.
My favorite part came when we got home, and I was being silly, talking to him with a bad english accent as if he were Peter Pan, and he answered, also in an attempted bad english accent, "thank you, Wendy". Playing along and improvising totally on his own! Very cute!

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