Saturday, September 12, 2009

Caleb's First Soccer Game

At the beginning of last summer, we sat Caleb down and let him choose one sport to be involved in (in addition to tee-ball). He chose basketball, and was looking forward to it all summer. It was scheduled for mid-August, but a few days before the 'camp' started, we got a call saying that they had to cancel it because not enough kids signed up. He was very disappointed, but we got him enrolled in a 6 game soccer league through the YMCA to make up for it.

They've had a few practices, and then their first game was this morning. He is one of the youngest on the team of Kinder and First Graders, but is doing a little better than we'd expected. He had no sense of the game going into it, and it's amazing how well some of those little kids do already! He just kind of chases the pack, and zones out here and there, but is keeping a good attitude and learning. Today he chose to ineffectively slide tackle every chance he got, but at least he was being a little assertive.

Sweet Kellan

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