Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Caleb's Big Heart

This happened over the summer, but I never actually wrote it down. Wanted to remember this cute little incident.

We were at a H.S. cookout, and there were a few water balloons for the little kids to play with. Caleb got one, and was SO excited. He brought it to me and asked if I wanted to play catch. So of course I said sure, and he threw it to me, and I caught it. But of course when I threw it back to him, he missed it. And it did what water balloon do, hit the ground and splattered. He proceeded to cry big crocodile tears and melt down that his only balloon was gone. He was sure there were no more left and he was going to be water balloon deficient for life. But, lucky for him, there were more, and he soon got another which he proceeded to guard like a treasure. No throwing that baby...

I later agreed he could bring it home in the van, but not in the house. (don't know why I even made that concession, must've been the earlier crocodile tears incident).

As we are walking to the van, we stumbled upon a little girl sobbing her eyes out. We walked over to ask what's wrong, and she said that somebody else took a water balloon from her. Without even skipping a beat, Caleb said, "here, you can have mine" and hands his precious treasure over.

I was so pleasantly surprised at his quick, unselfish, act of compassion and generosity. Probably praised him too much for it, but it was sure a sweet moment to observe.

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