Friday, January 30, 2009

Engineer Aidan

Did a little photo shoot of Aidan yesterday morning for his birthday invite. Of course, he was in rare form and balked at wearing his overalls and hat. He had a major meltdown for about 30 minutes, and then even after some bribery, I was worried when this is what I got. How about a, "I'll cry if you don't come to my party" caption?

Luckily for me though, he recovered, thanks to my silly bantering behind the camera, and Caleb's enthusiastic encouragement, and we ended up with the likes of this. What a cute little engineer. My cute little engineer.


Susanna said...

Both pictures are cute, but I'm glad you got the one your were hoping for the invitations. So how late our you going to stay up putting the invites together? :)

carly said...

oh, those are so cute! the one of him crying cracked me up! and the pictures of caleb and hailey are so cute! i can't believe how big they both are!! when's the partY?:)

Sherrie said...

I didn't even recoginize Aidan by the picture, I thought who is that?! He is adorable though even while freaking out.