Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween 2008

Can I just reiterate how much I love living in a small town? We first went to our church's 'Trunk or Treat' (which was very crowded), and then enjoyed trick-or-treating on our amazing street. Tons of kids, almost every house with a porch light on, many adults even in costume handing out goodies, neighbors being so neighborly... Our neighbor on our south even brought the boys huge Halloween cookies since he was not going to be home to hand out treats. It was tons of fun, and if you live in CA, you probably can't even imagine the quaintness.

Ethan was the star of the night. He LOVED trick-or-treating! He was SO enthusiastic, and wanted to walk by himself, and climb all the stairs alone, and he did great. Kellan, on the other hand, was having a bit of an attitude problem. Although, to his credit, he might have been overheating, because once we took off his hood, he did much better. Caleb was pretty tired (because he was so excited he didn't nap that afternoon, and he really needed it), but he was super polite and still had a great time. Aidan was pretty enthusiastic and charming as well.

Enjoy the pics of our Star Wars Halloween! Kellan as an Ewok
Ethan as Yoda
Aidan as Darth Vader Caleb as Jengo-Fett (I realize that if you are not into SW you probably won't even realize who this is!)

Okay, I will have to add a slide show. I have just too many cute pictures to post.

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