Friday, October 3, 2008

Times have changed...

Remember these?

This is the toy phone I remember as a kid. I don't know if my kids would even recognize this as a "phone". Here's their toy phone.

And what really cracks me up is that the twins have not only picked up play talking on a cell phone, which Caleb and Aidan naturally did too, but also play texting! Because just in the last 18 months or so, their lifetime, have we really been doing it a lot! Crazy! This is Kellan, by the way. Does it drive any of you crazy that I often don't label which twin is which? Just want to keep you guessing. (Actually, I usually don't think about it, because they are such different people in my mind, I forget they look the same to everyone else!)

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The Laffin Family said...

Actually it does drive me crazy that you don't say which twin I'm looking at. I can't tell them apart at all!! Too cute with the texting. Hunter has just picked up talking on the phone.