Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fine Motor Skills

Caleb has been writing his name for a while now, but he was not super interested in further developing those fine motor skills much. He'd color, and draw here and there, but it was not on his list of fave things to do. But its like a lightbulb came on for him last week when he was coloring. He was coloring in a Buzz Lightyear page, and had colored in the legs really well (barely going out of the lines), and then he called me over to see. I was really impressed, and that excited him, so he continued part by part to color the whole picture in really well. Definitely the best by far he's ever done. We went on and on telling him how good it was, and then last night I was working with him a bit on his letters, and he got really into tracing them, with a pen, and doing a great job. Its like his fine motor skills made a big leap all of a sudden. Then tonight at church, he called me in to see his drawing on the whiteboard. First it was a robot, but a very good one, then he proceeded to do a family portrait, the first he's ever (to my knowledge) attempted. It was so cute, it melted my heart. Since I couldn't save it, I took a picture, and thought I'd share its cuteness with all of you!

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