Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Finally, our first ER visit...

So, we had an awesome day at the Zoo yesterday. (We checked out the Niabi Zoo in the Quad Cities for the first time yesterday, with Grandma Joy) But... afterwards we stopped at Fazolli's for lunch, and Aidan turned around in his chair, and tipped it over, gashing his forehead open on the nearby booth corner. Ouch. He cried, it bled, we had the attention of the whole establishment... Thankfully, a nurse just happened to be there. She got us ice, counseled us that, yes, it would require an ER visit, and pointed out where the nearest ER was (literally on the other side of the parking lot). Aidan calmed down, and was a real trooper throughout the whole experience (they had to 'glue' it together since it was a pretty narley gash), and actually had the sweetest little disposition the rest of the day. They said it might leave a little bit of a permanent scar, but hey, it looks cool on Harry Potter, right? We always guessed it would be Aidan who would land us there for the first time. (Funny side note, he also fell pretty badly on the play equipment at the zoo a few hours earlier and that left him with a purplish/blue puffy eye) I'm sure with 4 boys, we'll see it many more.

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