Sunday, December 9, 2007

so smart...

We had our first "Parent-Teacher Conference" for Caleb's preschool. I was so excited! It felt wierd to be on the parent side of the table for the first time... Anyway, he is doing really well. Ms. Graves (who we know from church) said that he is doing excellent in all areas for a 3 year old (He's the youngest in his class). We got a report card type form, but its pretty basic since its just preschool. The one area he got the highest 'adjective' for was his gross motor skills, which if you know Caleb, makes sense. He knows his letters (including many of their sounds, they use jolly phonics), his numbers, shapes, colors, can write his name pretty legibly, can count to 30 (for the most part) and so on. He's pretty squirrely, but follows rules and listens very well. We were also glad to hear that he doesn't whine in class, or let himself get pushed around by the other kids. Anyways, it was very fun to begin this part of our parenting journey.

Hope I don't sound like I'm bragging too much... He's not a whiz kid by any means, and we always will be more concerned with his character/spiritual development than his academic... But we are proud of the little guy!

One cute thing he said recently... somehow the number ten came up in our conversation, and he thought for awhile and said, "that's my both hands number!".

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