Sunday, January 29, 2012

Update on Aidan

Thought it would be good to record an update on how things are going, 2 months after diagnosis.

* Having a diabetic child has already become 'normal' for us. Its amazing how quickly routines get set, and how quickly God took the emotional roller coaster of those first few weeks and replaced it with peace and a sense of normalcy.

* He's been doing great. His levels have leveled off, and been great. He hasn't experienced a true low yet, or at least a symptomatic one. Actually, Friday his teacher called at lunchtime and reported that he BS level was at 45 when they did his regular check. He wasn't acting or feeling any different, but yikes, that's the lowest he's ever been. He was 57 that morning also. Must've just been a low day. Thankfully it did not cause me as much anxiety as I thought. And he was thrilled, because he got to partake in the 100 day cake and ice cream with no extra insulin shot.

*Mealtimes have become easier. We've begin to memorize carb counts in foods, and also have began to feel comfortable making estimates here and there, and even have gained a comfortability adjusting his insulin doses as we feel necessary.

* Two weeks ago he let a babysitter give him his bedtime shot. This was a big step! And this week? He started doing his own. How amazing is that?

We are so so thankful for all the support we've received, and for the fact that Aidan is such a great kid.

God is good, all the time.

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