Saturday, December 17, 2011


Just a glimpse into how complicated it is to have a meal at our house now...

Snapshot from lunch today...

Aidan was served:

1 Bologna and Ham Sandwich (his choice), which has 26 grams of carbs. (mainly the bread, since Ham is 'free')

1/2 cup of milk, which has 5.5 grams of carbs

Pretzels: 23 pieces = 32 grams

And a graham cracker with peanut butter and cheerios. (8.4 grams) The boys and I had made these to set out for squirrels/birds earlier in the morning, but when the others got to eat part of one for fun, we had to set Aidan's aside to factor in at lunch time. And it was not easy to look up... half a graham cracker, 12 cheerios and a smidge of peanut butter.

So, we pray and start eating... then he downs his milk and asks for more. Add 5.5 more carb grams. A little later he wants some grape juice, add 4 more grams. (mind you, we had not usually been in the habit of giving refills except for water, but with Aidan we are still pretty much letting him consume all he wants at meals)

He takes one small bite of the graham cracker concoction, and decides he doesn't want any more. (Erase previously listed grams and instead round off to 1 gram for that bite.) He then announces he is done with his pretzels, so we have to count to see how many are left (10), to figure out how many he ate. (Recalculate that, if 23 pretzels have 32 grams, how many do 13 have?)

Also, today is Quinn's birthday, but we are going to celebrate at dinner on Monday since this afternoon/evening were already overscheduled. I decide he at least needs an Oreo with candles in it, so we can sing to him on his actual birthday. So we pass out one Oreo to everyone... and look that up, which is 2.5 grams. But then, Aidan doesn't want the cookie, so take those grams right back.

He is supposed to have his insulin shot 15-20 minutes after he begins eating, at the latest. So at about this point we start stressing about figuring the final math and preparing the dose.

Final tally: 51.7 carbohydrate grams, divided by 45 (his lunchtime ratio) =1.1
His pre-lunch blood sugar was 153. We have to subtract 150 from that, and divide that by 180, to find out how much additional 'correction' insulin he needs, and add that to the insulin for the carbs consumed. Fortunately, this time the correction factor was zero, so his final dose was just 1 unit.

Phew. Head hurt yet? Also imagine that there are 4 other little boys at the table, one of which just turned 2 today, and still needs a lot of attention during meals, and one of whom did not eat his 3 required bites of his hot dog last night, so whom cannot have another meal until he does (or until 24 hours later). So he is whiny, and picking at those hot dog bites, which he eventually ate, praise the Lord.

And, this is a Saturday, and Weston was home to help, and it was still crazy. We decided to eat our lunch after they were done, just to take away one more component of the equation.

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