Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Hairstyles


Ethan had been asking for awhile to get his hair cut short, with spikes. Apparently a friend at school who had earned his admiration was sporting this look. I wasn't quite ready to concede spikes all over, or a mo-hawk, but I thought we could try the faux-hawk look.

Kellan was adament that he wanted his short also, but no spikes! Our hairstylist was able to give them the same haircut, but they can just wear it differently. This mom appreciated not having to fully give up their identical twinness just yet. But I love how these new looks totally reflect their personalities. Ethan is kind of zany, and Kellan is pretty strait-laced. In fact, after he got his cut, the stylist put some gel in and tossled it up a bit, and he was quick to express that he did not like it. He wanted it combed straight. That's my Kellan.

Aren't they so handsome though?
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