Wednesday, February 3, 2010

God working in the heart of a little boy.

We recently celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and like all good little kindergarten classrooms, the boys and girls in Caleb's class learned a bit about the peace-making dreams of this great man. One project they did was to draw and write about their own 'dream'. While I was volunteering last week, I noticed these up on the bulletin board in the school hallway, and I stopped to ponder over Caleb's. I honestly couldn't quite figure out what it was. I just didn't get the picture, and couldn't quite decipher the words.

A few days ago he brought it home in his backpack, so I was able to ask him about it. He couldn't quite read his own writing or remember his exact words, but he expressed that his dream was for everyone to have a family. Then I realized what it said, "My dream... is that there would be no orphans." (or orfuns, as he thought it should be spelled) The picture is of a family coming to pick up a little child who is all alone.

Okay, so of course I started crying as I hugged and affirmed him. Wow.

We've talked a little with him about orphans, and our desire to adopt, but it is definitely God in him taking this more to the forefront of his heart.


carly said...

i totally teared up reading that. caleb is such a sweet boy amy! way to go. :)

Alysa said...

This also made me tear up! I love my cousins!!! I thought it was funny because I was actually able to read it (but I was unsure if it really said that until I read your post) and I think the reason is because I grew up always trying to decipher Andrew's writing and his terrible spelling (to this day lol). I figure I can read any writing now after reading my brother's! :)