Wednesday, January 20, 2010


It is so fun to watch the growth of Caleb's understanding and use of language. He is developing quite the sense of humor. We love hearing him use higher vocabulary (even when he doesn't get it quite right) and new expressions. A few recent examples...

Caleb: Mom, would you play checkers with me?

Me: I'd love to, but I'll probably win. (in a fun teasing tone)

Caleb, shrugging his shoulders after some serious pondering and with a twinge of sarcasm: I'm okay with that.

Then, after I hugged and tickled him a bit, telling him what a clever silly kid he was, and I guess I got my hand in his eye a bit, he says with a grin, "Mom, you almost lost my eyesight."

Last week, we were playing a word game at the dinner table, in which you had to think of something, give a couple clues, and then have others guess what you were thinking of, he comes up with this:

"What is white with black spots?" (we guess, a dalmation)
"Another clue? it goes with milk" (we guess, a cookie?)
"Nope," he says, "a cow, goes with milk, get it?"

Another time he was just playing verbally with daddy:
Caleb: I'm thinking of a two letter word.
Weston: it?
Caleb: no
Weston: he?
Caleb: no
Weston: me?
Caleb: no
Weston, sensing this could go on a really long time: okay buddy, I give up, what is it?
Caleb, with a smirk: I'll give you a hint, I was saying it over and over again. "no"


carly said...

he is so cute and smart! it is so fun to watch them grow.:) can you put up some new pictures of quinn soon??:) can't wait to see how he is growing! how are you adjusting?:)

The Angiers said...

Oh my goodness, I love this post. Caleb is darling and sounds very intelligent! Thank you for sharing these snapshots of him. Gregg and I laughed about them together. :)