Friday, October 2, 2009

Jack and Annie

When Caleb turned 4, we decided that one of his new 'privileges' would be staying up a little bit later and having mommy and daddy read a chapter book aloud to him. It also gives us some dedicated time to work a little on sight words and phonics. We weren't sure just how well he would listen, but we shouldn't ever have underestimated our auditory learner. He LOVES listening to his chapter books, and we quickly discovered he especially loves the Magic Tree House series. We've checked out the audio versions from the library also and he just loves to have his 'rest time' listening to these. And comprehension? It's there. He's taken several quizzes on the "Book Adventure" website, and he has excelled He even remembers details of books he's went through months ago. This boy of ours with the big imagination loves Jack and Annie's time travelling adventures. He even comments to me, at least once a week, "Mom, I wish Jack and Annie were real." He loves to carry a notebook around like Jack and 'take notes', which has been great for his writing/spelling skills. Very fun.

I took him to his school book fair a few weeks ago, and even over all the glossy attractive Star Wars books, he went right for a Magic Tree House one. The school librarian greeted us as we checked out, and he showed her his selection and she knew right who he was. "You must be the boy in Mrs. Seibert's class. Mrs. Seibert had to come and ask me who Jack and Annie were because she couldn't place them, and you apparently talk about them often."


School of said...

Lovin' my time travel liking grandson! Just up Grandma Joy's alley!!!

Laura said...

Caleb and Shelby could have some wonderful conversations! She has read (almost) every single Magic Tree House book. For him to be that into it at age 5 is absolutley amazing! I really wish I had started reading chapter books to my girls sooner. This past summer I read to them every day (Peter and the Starcatchers) and it was such an awesome experience.