Tuesday, July 7, 2009

more clever than we sometimes give them credit for

We've noticed the twins starting to play the 'let's confuse people' game with their identities lately. They did it to a babysitter recently, and have to daddy on occasion. It seems they can sense when someone is really second guessing themselves. If they are asked, "Are you ___________?", they will get a smirk on their faces and both say no, or both claim to be the same one, or whichever. Pretty funny. They haven't tried it with mommy yet, but they must know they couldn't fool me. :)

Also, lately when I enter their bedroom in the morning or after a nap, I have started asking, "who wants to get up first?", and they've started competing with a quick "me!". It's gotten to the point where they often shout "me!" when I first creak the door open.

I had relayed this to Weston, and he thought he'd used the tactic to trick them in the bathtub. Neither likes to be the first one to get washed up, so Weston asked, "Who wants to be washed up first?", thinking they'd compete with "me" in the same way. But they outsmarted him! In the response to daddy's question, Kellan quickly shouted, "Ethan!!!".

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rodiemom said...

It always kills me how smart two year olds are. They still seem like babies to us mommies, but they know better don't they.