Thursday, June 25, 2009

Meet Luke

We decided awhile back that Caleb's 5th Birthday would be a good time for a 'first pet'. I had guinea pigs growing up, and in my classroom when I taught, and we thought this would make the most sense. Caleb was easy to convince.
We looked at a few pet stores, but they were pricey and pretty ugly. I've always thought the medium hair tricolored ones were the cutest, but they can be hard to find. I spent some time searching around online, and found an ad for a perfect one in the Quad Cities Classifieds. He/she was a lot cheaper, and one month old, and adorable! We picked it up last night, and Caleb is tickled pink. And of course, he named it "Luke", after Luke Skywalker.


Jody said...

So Becca finally gave me the hook up to your blog! Are you trying to keep secrets from me? So I just finally stumbled over here and saw this post first. But I thought he wanted to name him Luke because he thought you guys needed a Luke and Caleb, too!

Laura said...

Luke is very adorable!