Thursday, March 12, 2009

Our Cruise!

Finally, the post you've all been waiting for... Yes, we had a WONDERFUL time on our vacation! Everything pretty much worked out perfectly, including the schedule for the boys and grandma back home.
We had a very relaxing, refreshing time, and enjoyed ourselves immensely. It was fun to finally 'experience' a cruise, but Weston had to put up with me for awhile as I got 'information acquainted' with our surroundings. I forget how much I need information (maps, schedules, knowledge) to feel comfortable in a new environment. We quickly got settled though, and enjoyed laying out on the Lido deck, seeing a few shows, ordering room service (it's included!), taking advantage of the seemingly unlimited amounts of food (although yes, the fanciness of it was wasted on us), and even getting to know a few people.

Our first stop was in Progreso, Mexico. It is a new port, and they are still working on gaining more tourist appeal, but we did see some Mayan Ruins at Dzibilchaltun that were pretty neat. The next day was spent in Cozumel, which was pretty incredible. We explored/shopped for a while in the AM (even found our first international geocache!) and then splurged and did the swim and ride Dolphin experience that we'd always heard was worth the money... and it was.
We got to spend a good deal of time in a tank with dolphins, petting them as they swam around us, and we also got a 'hug', 'kiss', 'handshake', and the best of all, 'belly ride'. There is nothing quite like the feeling of holding onto a beautiful dolphin's pectoral fins as he glides you through the water. Amazing. C'mon, you know you've always wanted to try it.

All in all, the vacation was everything we'd hoped it would be, a very fun and romantic celebration of our 10 years of marriage. Honestly, the 'cruise' venue itself wasn't extraordinarily enticing to us(we'd describe it a bit like Hume Lake Summer Camp, with a Vegas theme), but being away, alone, together, for an extended period of time was. (And it was super nice to not have to think about food, activities, etc.)


Jen Bond said...

Glad you had a great time away together!! Happy anniversary! Here's to at least 10 more years! :)

Susanna said...

Looks like it was FABULOUS!