Thursday, February 19, 2009

Aidan's Birthday Party

He won't actually be "3" until Sunday, but today we celebrated with a train themed party for a few of his friends. He was SO excited, probably a little too excited, because he had quite the poor attitude at any given moment. There's nothing sadder than having to send the birthday boy to time out during his own party.

There were many fun times too though, and the kids were so cute in their little engineer hats. Kellan and Ethan really participated too, almost like full on big kids.

Aidan's favorite part? His much anticipated "Thomas cake". We splurged on it at Hyvee, mainly because it was the one thing he has been so adamant about for months. Whenever anyone would ask what he wanted for his birthday, he'd always respond, "a Thomas cake". And boy did his eyes light up.

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carly said...

happy birthday aidan! amy, you always have such cute ideas for their parties. and that cake is GREAT!