Monday, September 18, 2006

Go Diego Go

Caleb's become a huge fan of the cartoon "Go Diego Go". Diego is the boy cousin of "Dora the Explorer". He had watched Dora with his friend Hailey, and really liked it. I thought it was well done (lots of interactive learning), but wasn't sure about him liking a girlish cartoon. Lucky for us, they started this spin-off recently, and he loves it! Diego is an Animal Rescuer. They've just started really marketing him too. I didn't think I'd ever buy "character" shoes/clothing. But, I caved. He loves his "Diego Shoes" so much, and luckily, they're done pretty well as cute hiking boots. Grandma Joy bought him a cute Diego shirt. He got to wear both to Hailey's Dora Party. I love seeing his enthusiasm!

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