Friday, June 9, 2006

Clever minds remember much...

Sometimes I just wonder how Caleb's little mind recalls so much; especially the little things I don't even intentionally reinforce... (yet he still hasn't got his colors down completely, and I've been working on that!)
Yesterday, upon seeing some candles on TV, he says, "Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to you". Also, we drove to the Dollar Tree, which is right by the library, and he said, "story? story?".
His newest thing is always wanting to pray aloud himself, after we pray with him. He usually says, 'Dear God, thank you for this food, Amen' Not a bad start! :)
Aidan has started screeching/squealing with glee, very loudly! He woke up yesterday morning doing it, and has barely stopped since! He has found his voice!!! I think he just might have more of an outgoing, social personality than the rest of us in this family... Could he be an otter? Time will tell... My newest nickname for him is Shamu.... yes, because he's a tank, but also because of how he sticks his tongue out so much, especially when he smiles, it reminds me of a killer whale...

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